Andra instansen av Enterhake hade vi blivit en del av Göteborgs Kulturkalas. Temat var förändrad verklighet. Sju lag med väldigt olika bakgrund deltog. Precis som förra året delades chokladägg med leksaker i som extra inspiration.

Mest verklighetsförändrade spel blev The Weight Watcher, medan Power Car utsågs till bästa chokladäggsspel.



Se hackathon.io för mer info om spelen.

Power Car

Ett simpelt bilspel



Asteroids with Oculus Rift support

Spela online


Textminne om ditt liv. Knappt interaktivt!


Dragon Hunt

Kill dragons too gain points and survive so long as possible.

The Tower of Despair

A game made with RPG MAKER VX ACE, The story is about Eren Jaeger and his goal to climb The Tower of Despair. Here is the download link, many improvements to come ( We hope )! (copyright; pokemon, final fantasy, legend of zelda).


The Weight Watcher

Change size and use it to your advantage, Alice-in-Wonderland-style!

Utilizes Oculus Rift. Alter the size of objects as well as yourself in order to obtain the key to your house.

Controls: WASD Space – Jump Left Mouse – Pick up/Drop objects. On top of the hill there’s a big disc. Place an object on it and step on the arrows. One decreases size, the other one increases size. Or alter your own size by putting a block on an arrow and stepping up on the disk.


Oculus Explore

By using different enviroment settings we created a tech demo for the oculus rift and razer hydra. Demo is forced to run in x86 (and not in x64 due to razor API), uses a modified version/combination of Hydra/Oculus input.

Felix Scratchäventyr

Felix Järleklint

Katten, portalen, trollkarlen, öknen!

Wizard & Cat
Desert Walking